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Your one stop family favourite!

Canal Crossing Shopping Centre is the perfect place for families to enjoy everything that life has to offer, from books and fitness classes to décor and DIY equipment. You think it – we have it!

We’re exactly what Potchefstromers need to satisfy their shopping as well as their relaxation needs. We don’t just want our shoppers to pop in quickly, we want you to do your shopping and take a moment to relax and enjoy the smaller things in life. After all, we are your one-stop family favourite.

With this in mind we cater for the whole family. We care and therefore we are wheelchair friendly; our bathrooms are equipped for mothers with children and for the disabled, and last but not least we have a retail mix for the whole family. You’ll find everything you need at one place; you can enjoy your weekly coffee with the girls, buy groceries and make sure dinner is sorted when heading home with our wide variety of restaurant and take-away options.

We provide our shoppers with free and secure covered parking and for those who prefer to park outside, you can shop worry-free while knowing that your vehicle will be safely guarded by our very own contracted car guards. At Canal Crossing we care for your safety; this is why we have a security company patrolling the area 24/7. You’ll also see cameras in and around the centre so we’re constantly monitoring our shopper’s safety. In addition to our client’s safety, we also care for our environment by using solar panels.

So, if you’re looking for your one stop shopping experience – you just found it! Visit us and let us show you why we should be your number one family favourite.

A Potchefstromers regular one stop shop!

24/7 Security for your safety

Wheelchair & Disabled Friendly

EverythingYou Need at Canal Crossing

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